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Frequently asked questions and the latest news.


Frequently asked questions

Immigration law is complicated. The applications and procedures require knowledge of different laws and regulations. We try our best to respond to all your enquiries within 24 hours. Still, some of the most frequent immigration questions are just one click away. Please read on and if you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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Q) Can I get EU (Bulgarian) fast-track citizenship by investing in real estate properties in the Bulgaria??
House in BulgariaA) More and more clients are asking whether Bulgarian fast-track citizenship can be obtained by investment in real estate.... (check out whether it is possible to get fast-track EU citizenship by buying Bulgarian real estate)

Q) Are your Bulgarian passport and ID card real?
is my Bulgarian passport real?A) Recently, with the increase of the value of the Bulgarian travel documents, the cases of fake or forged passports and ID cards have sky-rocketed.... (continue reading about how to find out whether your Bulgarian document is legit or not)

Q) How to register foundation (non-profit) in Bulgaria and enjoy EU legal framework protection and Bulgarian legal residency right?
register foundation in BulgariaA) Registering Bulgarian non-profot entity (eg foundation) can help you achieve your long term objectives.... (continue reading about the amendments of the Bulgarian "Law for the Foreigners" from December 2016)

Q) I am Bulgarian citizen living in Dubai. How do I proceed in order to arrange Bulgarian citizenship for my husband? Is that possible at all?
flag DubaiA) We will answer in detail a question from our client living in the Gulf, who is married to a Turkish citizen and wishes to obtain for him Bulgarian residency and eventually full Bulgarian citizenship. What are the legal prerequisites?.... (continue reading about How can my spouse obtain Bulgarian citizenship?)

Q) What are the 10 most frequent misconceptions about the Bulgarian Citizenship Investment Program?
10 myths about the Bulgarian Citizenship by InvestmentA) There is much going on on the internet about the different countries’ citizenship programs. From what we read about the Bulgarian one, about 80% is a complete nonsense. While there are some legitimate authors who write and publish correct information, most of the writings are done by "international agents" who have absolutely no idea about the Bulgarian laws and legislations.... (continue reading about The 10 myths about about the fast-track Bulgarian Citizenship by Investment Program)

Q) How much does it cost to obtain Cypriot Passport?
how much Cypriot citizenship costA) This is a question that our customers ask us all the time. And more importantly, which "Citizenship program" is cheaper? The one in Cyprus or the Bulgarian one? There are many misconceptions and different interpretations of the cost of the Cypriot program. We will try to explain, completely transparently, how much does it really cost.... (continue reading about The cost of obtaining Cypriot Citizenship by Investment)

Q) How can one get EU passport and citizenship?
getting EU passportA) A simple question and a difficult answer. While not impossible, applying for EU citizenship is becoming more and more complicated process. Many don't realize the difference between citizenship and residency. Many still think that a golden visa in Portugal is the same as EU citizenship.... (continue reading about How to get EU citizenship and passport?)

Q) What are the differences between the Bulgarian and the Cypriot "Citizenship by Investment" programs? Which one is better?
Bulgarian vs Cypriot citizenship comparisonA) While we believe the Bulgarian Investment Citizenship program is the best value in the EU, the naturalization for investment program in Cyprus provides some very interesting options as well.... (continue reading about Cyprus vs Bulgaria - Citizenship by Investment programs)

Q) What are the similarities between the Bulgarian and the Maltese "Citizenship by Investment" programs? Which one is better and what should the potential applicant look for?
Bulgarian vs Maltese citizenship comparisonA) We consider the Maltese program overly expensive. Still, having in mind the location of the island of Malta, it may be still interesting for certain type of investors.... (continue reading about Malta vs Bulgaria - Citizenship by Investment programs)

Q) What is the difference between EU citizenship and legal residency in one particular country (ie France, Germany, United Kingdom, etc.)?
broken chainA) The answer seems quite obvious. Citizenship is for life. Residence is not. EU citizenship provides full residence right in all EU member states. EU legal residency doesn’t. But there is much more.... (continue reading about EU citizenship VS legal residency)

Q) Is there any legal possibility to get full Bulgarian citizenship in a term, shorter than 5 years?
sand clockA) The Bulgarian "Law for the Foreigners in Bulgaria” and the “Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship” provide excellent opportunities to financially independent applicants to almost instantly receive "permanent resident" status in Bulgaria and full citizenship only one year later... (continue reading about the Bulgarian fast track naturalization Program)

Q) I am married to Bulgarian national. Is it difficult to obtain legal residency in Bulgaria?
ringsA) In general, you are eligible for Bulgarian residence permit if you intend to live together with your spouse in Bulgaria. However, there are many pitfalls that need to be avoided, even if the marriage is legitimate and you have clear criminal record... (continue reading about the Bulgarian residence by marriage)

Q) How to legalize your documents? What is "apostille" and do you need one?
apostille BulgariaA) In order to officially use (and to be recognized by Bulgarian official institutions) a foreign legal documents in Bulgaria, they must be first legalized. The legalization procedure shall be arranged in a way, depending on one of the following 3 options... (continue reading about the Apostille and legalization)

Q) I would like to apply for immigration visa and residence permit in Bulgaria (EU) in order to expand my activities in the European Union by means of registering a Trade Representative Office (TRO). However, in my country of origin (or where I am living at the moment), I do not have any registered commercial entity (trading company such as Limited Liability Company, LLP, LLC, LTD, etc.). What are my options?
registering TRO in BulgariaA) As is often the case, all good things in life are simple. As our experience shows, the most convenient and cost effective way to expand your activities into Bulgaria is through registration of Trade Representative Office (TRO). So here are some options for your consideration... (continue reading about the Bulgarian TRO)